Level & Depth

GE-103P Portable Depth Meter Ultrasonic Echo Sounder

GE-103P Portable Depth Meter U

GE-103P Portable handhold Depth Meter,measuring water depth in silting...

GE-1203 Ultrasonic Level Meter 0.25% accuracy

GE-1203 Ultrasonic Level Meter

GE-1203 compact ultrasonic level measurement transmitters are designed...

Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Depth Meter

Ultrasonic Sludge Interface De

GE-102 Sludge Depth Meter could measure the level position and height ...

GE-1310 PTFE Teflon Level Switches

GE-1310 PTFE Teflon Level Swit

Liquiphant GE-1310 is a point level switch for use in hazardous areas...

Level Sensor Switches VHS VKS

Level Sensor Switches VHS VKS

SIKA series VHS00 VHS02 VHS04 VH6 VKS00 VKS02 VKS04 VK06 HONSBERG ser...

IP68 Water Proof Level Meter

IP68 Water Proof Level Meter

GE-1202B ultrasonic level meter is compacted design, better performanc...

Ultrasonic Differential Level Meter

Ultrasonic Differential Level

GE-1204 compact ultrasonic level transmitters are designed to measure ...

GE-1206 Radar Level Meter

GE-1206 Radar Level Meter

GE-1206 Radar Meter work for Rice Grain Solid Level Measurement, could...

GE-1207 Well Depth Meter

GE-1207 Well Depth Meter

widely used in the well and narrow pond, where the ultrasonic meter co...

FTL260-0020 Liquid Level Sensor

FTL260-0020 Liquid Level Senso

The Liquiphant FTL260 is a reliable point level switch for liquids. It...

Portable Level Meter GE-1200

Portable Level Meter GE-1200

GE-1200 type Ultrasonic Level Meter is a portable instrument, which co...

Echo Well Depth Meter

Echo Well Depth Meter

GE-103JS Echo Well Depth Meter is a portable Ultrasonic Depth Measurem...

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