Pitot Tube Flow Meter withstand High Pressure

GE-374-HP is a Pitot tube type high-pressure Air Flow Velocity Transmitter, which can be used as Compressed Air Velocity Sensor. Its product features high pressure resistance and can measure high air velocity pipes, up to 150 m/s, which cannot be achieved by ordinary Pitot tube wind speed sensors.

As a Pitot tube flowmeter, it could measure the air flow speed with a big range, which cannot be achieved by vortex flowmeters. As an air velocity sensor, it could withstand much higher pressure, the common air flow speed sensor only withstand 10Kpa or 20Kpa pressure, but this type could withstand 10bar.

Pitot Tube Flow Meter

Medium: air or compressed air

Range: not more than 150m/s (or the flow rate converted to the same flow rate, which varies according to different pipe diameters)

Temperature: standard, below 100 degrees Celsius, can be customized high temperature wind speed sensor

Maximum pressure: 10bar (users need to declare the actual pressure when placing an order)

Output: 4-20mA, RS 485, and other types of signals

Suitable pipe size: all pipes larger than DN15 can be used



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