Flow Switch

GE-313 Teflon PTFE Plastic Paddle Flow Switch

GE-313 Teflon PTFE Plastic Pad

This flow switch is produced by teflon plastic material with a long pa...

GE-316 Explosion-Proof Paddle Flow Swicthes

GE-316 Explosion-Proof Paddle

GE-316 Paddle Flow Switch is a very low cost Ex-proof flow switch, spe...

Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

CM2K Paddle Flow Switches is highly designed to monitor the flow rates...

ATEX Calorimetric Flow Switch

ATEX Calorimetric Flow Switch

GE-325-Ex Thermal Flow Sensor is known as ATEX Calorimetric Flow Switc...

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with Stainless Steel Body

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with

The V10SS flow switch utilizes a rugged, hermetically sealed reed swit...

ATEX Bidirectional Paddle Flow Switches

ATEX Bidirectional Paddle Flow

GE-341 flow switch use new structure, could monitor the flow by Bidire...

PVC inline Flow Switches

PVC inline Flow Switches

GE-313AD Teflon Flow Switch with PVC Tee pipe, low cost, combats the p...

GE-315 Adjustable Paddle Flow Switches

GE-315 Adjustable Paddle Flow

The GE-315 Series Paddle Water Flow Switch is a new design, adopt mic...

Adjustable Inline Flow Switches

Adjustable Inline Flow Switche

GE-342 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous media...

Thermal Flow Switch

Thermal Flow Switch

GE-327 Thermal Flow Switch is CE certificate, No moving parts, no main...

Flow Switch with Indicator GE-343

Flow Switch with Indicator GE-

GE-343 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous medi...

GE-315N15 Insert Vane Type Flow Switches

GE-315N15 Insert Vane Type Flo

GE-315-N15 adopt brass body, low price to save the money. GE-315-N15SS...

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