PTFE Teflon Pressure Switch with adjustable and LED screen

This PTFE pressure switch adopt Teflon connection and ceramic diaphragm, could work for all kinks of corrosive liquid.

The setpoint is adjustable, could have 1 or 2 up-limit low-limit alarm signal, LED screen to indicate the pressure

PTFE Teflon Pressure Switches

* Power Supply: 24VDC/220VAC
* Output: 1 or 2 SPDT relay
* 1 or 2 independently adjustable set points with fixed dead band.
* Ingress protection: IP66
* Dead band: narrow, fixed.
* Operating Temperature: -30~80℃
* Process connections: G1/2" Male thread or others.
* Process fluid: sea water, acid or other chemical liquid
* Range: -100kPa to 0 to 1Mpa



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