Temperature & Humidity

ATEX Temperature Humidity Sensor

ATEX Temperature Humidity Sens

GE-373-Ex ATEX Temperature Humidity Sensor could isolate the flammable...

Temperature Transmitter ATEX

Temperature Transmitter ATEX

GE-378 ATEX Temperature Transmitter is the high performance temperatur...

Dual Metal Temperature Switches

Dual Metal Temperature Switche

This compact bimetallic temperature switch will could work with most i...

Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Duct Humidity Temperature Tran

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm...

GE-373 Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-373 Humidity Temperature Tr

wall-mount room type temperature and humidity transmitters are designe...

GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Sensor

GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmit

GE-375 series carbon dioxide transmitters/controllers are designed for...

Water in Oil Switch Detector Transmitter

Water in Oil Switch Detector T

GE-360 This moisture concentration sensor for testing the water quanti...


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