Application of flow switch in central air conditioning system

We all know that water is generally used as the medium of secondary heat exchange in central air conditioning. Proper water flow is the necessary guarantee for the reliable operation of central air conditioning host. Improper water flow may cause the evaporator of water chiller to freeze, high condensation pressure, compressor "bite" and other failures. Therefore, appropriate water flow detection method is an important guarantee to avoid the failure of air conditioning host. In view of the importance of water flow detection, considering the maintenance cost of users in the future, many projects have begun to require the selection of the type of water flow switch.

The necessity of water flow detection of central air conditioning system, water flow detection of central air conditioning system is the premise and guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system. First of all, the central air conditioning system is to ensure the reliable heat exchange of the heat exchanger by taking the cooling capacity and heat away from the flowing water. Without water flow, there is no so-called refrigeration or heating.
GE-315 Adjustable Paddle Flow Switches

GE-315 Adjustable Paddle Flow Switches

The GE-315 Series Paddle Water Flow Switch is a new design, adopt mic...

Secondly, when there is no water flow or water flow is small, for the evaporator, the load of the evaporator is reduced, and the evaporation temperature is reduced. If the compressor operates continuously, the evaporator will freeze. If the evaporator can't be protected from freezing in time, the evaporator may expand and crack, causing the water side and the refrigerant side of the refrigeration system to collude, and the whole refrigeration system will be scrapped. In addition, if the water flow of the system is too low, the return pressure will be too low for a long time, and the lubricating oil discharged from the compressor will not return to the compressor smoothly, which may cause the compressor to "bite the cylinder". When there is no water flow or the water flow is small, for the condenser, the temperature and pressure of condensation rise, resulting in the flow of refrigerant at the outlet of the condenser through the expansion valve greatly reduced, and the cooling capacity decreased.
Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

CM2K Paddle Flow Switches is highly designed to monitor the flow rates...

The flow switch can solve and maintain this problem well. It can be installed online and used in liquid or gas medium. Rugged plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing options. When the medium pushes the plunger spring to the set position, the magnetic field acts on the reed to output the passive on-off signal.

1. Minimal pressure loss
2. Good repeatability and anti pollution ability
3. The mechanical part is completely isolated from the electronic part
4. It is easy to set with switch setting scale
5. Users do not need to set on site
6. LED display switch action status
7. Large switching capacity
8. Selection of various materials and pressure rating

Flow switch is widely used in the field of industrial automation, refrigeration and air conditioning. Customers can choose different flow switches according to different environments.



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