The Operating Principle and Advantage of Piston Flow Switches

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In engineering projects, we often encounter some target type flow switches, which have been installed, because of the large water resistance, they have to be replaced by other water flow switches during shakedown test. The target type water flow switch is rusted usually, and has short service life. So, for this condition, if small pipe size, we advise the user choose Piston Type Flow Switches.

Weld connection Paddle Flow Switches

welded type flow switch, suitable a range DN10-DN100 copper tube, the ...

There is a a piston with a permanent magnet inside in the housing of piston flow switch. When the piston is pushed by the pressure difference, which caused by the liquid flow, the magnetic piston will drive the sealing magnetism inside the equipment to switch. The diameter of the piston determines the starting flow. When the flow decreases, the stainless steel spring pushes the piston back. When the reed switch is activated, it can send alarm or indication remotely. For liquid or gaseous media. Rugged plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing options.

Oil Piston Flow Switches

Adjustable Inline Flow Switches  Piston Type

GE-342 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous media...

Piston flow switches are used to determine if the flow rate is above or below a certain flow rate. This value (the set point) can be fixed or adjustable. When the set point is reached, the response can be the actuation of an electric circuit. When the flow switch is actuated, it will stay in that condition until the flow rate moves back from the set point by some amount.

Features of piston type flow switch:

1. Piston type flow switch has minimal pressure loss

2. Good repeatability and anti pollution ability.

3. The mechanical part of the piston type flow switch is completely isolated from the electronic part, which belongs to the small flow economy type.

4. With switch setting scale, users do not need to set it on site.

5. LED shows the switch status, and the output of double on and off can be selected.

The piston type flow switch adopts high-strength flexible stainless steel spring design, high temperature resistant polyester piston, Made in Japan OKI micro switch, etc., which ensures the long-term stable and reliable operation of the piston type switch from structural design, component selection, long-term operation test, etc.

Piston Flow Switch with flow indicator

Piston Flow Switch with Flow Indicator

GE-343 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous medi...

The piston type flow switch can be used for water flow detection and standby or abnormal flow alarm. Because of the high performance SS304 spring, the piston flow switch could work for oil,

The operating principle is based on a spring-propped magnetic piston which responds only to the motion of fluids within the line, not to static or system pressures. In the presence of fluid flow, controlled movement of the piston actuates an external hermetically sealed reed switch. This switch can be used to actuate audible or visual alarms, as well as relays, or other controls.

Viscosity Compensating Flow Switches

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