Dual Metal Temperature Switches

Dual Metal Temperature Switche

This compact bimetallic temperature switch will could work with most i...

1/2 Clamp Brass Flow Sensor

1/2 Clamp Brass Flow Sensor

1/2 Clamp In-Line Water Flow Sensor, produced by Brass material, stabi...

GE-302H Brass Water Flow Sensor

GE-302H Brass Water Flow Senso

1/2" Male + Female connection, produced by Brass material, stability a...

Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Duct Humidity Temperature Tran

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm...

Plastic Water Flow Sensor

Plastic Water Flow Sensor

BSP1/2" BSP3/4" BSP1" DN32 DN40 DN50 plastic water flow sensor, both e...

GE-373 Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-373 Humidity Temperature Tr

wall-mount room type temperature and humidity transmitters are designe...

GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Sensor

GE-375 Carbon Dioxide Transmit

GE-375 series carbon dioxide transmitters/controllers are designed for...

Water in Oil Switch Detector Transmitter

Water in Oil Switch Detector T

GE-360 This moisture concentration sensor for testing the water quanti...

Teflon Level Switch GE-1304 Float Sensor

Teflon Level Switch GE-1304 Fl

This level switch is produced by teflon plastic material, used in SPA...

GE-1308 FDA Plastic Level Switch

GE-1308 FDA Plastic Level Swit

GE-1308 FDA Plastic Level Switch, Drinking Potable Water Float Switche...

GE-1307 Plastic Level Switch | Water Float Switch

GE-1307 Plastic Level Switch |

GE-1307 Plastic Level Switch | Water Float Switch, CE UL, Customized O...

GE-1306 Stainless Steel Level Switches

GE-1306 Stainless Steel Level

GE-1306 Stainless Steel Level Switch, Float Switch, customized thread...

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