What is the function of a flow switch?

The main function of flow switch is low flow alarm, or high flow alarm, which is also called upper and lower limit alarm. Flow switch is generally mechanical flow switch, because the service life of electronic products is relatively short, electronic flow switch is generally used when mechanical flow switch can not meet the needs of users. Generally, mechanical flow switch can only have upper or lower limit alarm, while electronic flow switch can have upper and lower limit alarm at the same time.

Function of low flow alarm (lower limit alarm)
1. Water pump cut-off alarm to prevent water pump from idling;
2. Laser machine cut off alarm to prevent dry burning of laser machine;
3. When the water flow of the filter is too small for detection, a warning signal shall be sent out in time when the filter is blocked, so as to start the backwashing procedure of the filter.
4. Gear oil cut-off alarm to prevent the machine from dry running and wearing without lubricating oil

Function of high flow alarm (upper limit alarm)

A flow switch is installed at the water outlet of the fire water tank. When the fire hydrant sprays water, a certain flow is reached, indicating that the fire extinguishing system has been started. At this time, the flow switch needs to start the fire pump in time to make up the water

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