Classification and Selection of Explosion-proof Flow Switch

The Explosion-proof flow switch is the flow switch used in the hazardous area, which is defined as the place that may cause fire or explosion due to the presence of flammable gas, vapor, dust or fiber. Due to the inherent hazards in these areas, the equipment used in such locations must be explosion-proof certified. This type of explosion-proof product has been tested and certified to meet the standards specified in the European directive ATEX or other standards organizations (such as NEMA).

Explosion proof flow switch is generally divided into mine explosion-proof flow switch and petrochemical explosion-proof flow switch according to the place of use.

ATEX Explosion Proof Paddle Flow Switches

ATEX Bidirectional Paddle Flow Switches

GE-341 flow switch use new structure, could monitor the flow by Bidirection, ExdIIBT4 or ExdIICT6...

The mining flow switch shall meet the Group I - is typically reserved for underground applications such as mines., and the general explosion-proof level is ExdIBT4 or ExdIC6. The GE-316 series and GE-341 series flow switches can be customized to meet the mining requirements.

The explosion-proof flow switch in the petrochemical field is generally required to conform to Group II - is the most common group and deals with most surface applications.. The general explosion-proof level is ExdIIBT4 or ExdIICT6. The explosion-proof flow switch of A.YITE TECH defaults to such explosion-proof standard and can provide ATEX explosion-proof certificate.

In addition to the above two types of explosion-proof flow switches, there are also Group III explosion-proof flow switches, i.e. flow switches in explosive dust environment other than coal mines. Ⅲ A: Combustible flying flocs; Ⅲ B: non conductive dust; Ⅲ C: conductive dust. In general practical application, it can be used as explosion-proof flow switch in petrochemical field, and there is no problem when it is used in dust environment.

ATEX Explosion Proof Thermal Flow Switches

EX Thermal Flow Switches for Air Liquid

GE-325 series Thermal Flow Sensor is designed as Explosion Proof type,...

According to the explosion-proof principle, explosion-proof flow switch can also be divided into intrinsically safe explosion-proof flow switch and flame-proof flow switch. Among them, GE-316 series flow switch is intrinsically safe by default, but it can be customized as explosion-proof flow switch (used in the underground environment of coal mine). GE-341 flow switch is generally Flame-proof flow switch, that is, the explosion-proof junction box with explosion-proof certification is used to completely isolate the electrical components from the outside, so as to achieve the explosion-proof effect.

Paddle Flow Switches Intrinsically Safe

GE-316 Explosion-Proof Paddle Flow Switches Intrinsically Safe

GE-316 Paddle Flow Switch is a very low cost Ex-proof flow switch, spe...



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