How to Install GE-315 Adjustable Paddle Flow Switches

1. Brief Introduction:

GE-315 Flow Switch is an adjustable paddle flow switch, similar as HONSBERG UM3K UR3Ks series water flow switch, GE-315 is a better choice to replace those products by a very low cost. It have CE certificate too.

installation of adjustable paddle flow switch

2. Pipe Connection

2.1 The max pressure of pipe could not be more than 25bar 

2.2 As the above picture, this Paddle Flow Switch should be installed at the top of a horizontal pipe, it could work for vertical pipe too.

2.3 The connection could be 1/2" 3/4" 1" or other size by BSP or NPT

2.4  The Install Point should be far away from the pump or valve, as the above picture, the A value should be more than 5 times of pipe diameter.

2.5 It is not recommended to install this flow switch at the inlet of pump, the outlet is advised.

wire connection of paddle flow switch

3. Wire Connection

3.1 The output signal of this flow flow have 2 choice, one is Normal Open as standard, the other is NO+NC, SPDT as option.

3.2 Normal Open type: adopt a a single-contact reed switch designed for high breakdown voltage of 600 VDC and high power of AC 70 VA and DC 50 W. We advise the user to connect it with DC12V or DC24V, max current less than 0.5A

3.3 SPDT NO+NC type: Max voltage is 250V AC, Max Current is 5.0A. If 220VAC, max current is 3.0A; if 110VAC, max current is 5.0A

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