How to Install GE-511 Adjustable Differential Pressure Switches

1. Brief Introduction:

GE-511 series differential pressure switch is an adjustable differential pressure controller, it have a SPDT NO+NC micro switch, adjustable range could be 20Kpa - 300Kpa. it is similar as UE24-01 and dwyer DXW-11-153, could replace them by a very low price.   It have CE certificate too.

Max Voltage


Max Current



On/Off in OptionSPDT

DP1 Setpoint


DP1 Return Difference


Max Static Pressure

16 bar

Max Differential Press

10 bar

Work Medium

Water or Gas


2093C degree



Protection Grade


auto backwash filter

The GE-511 Differential Pressure Switches in the automatic Backwash Filter system

2. Pipe Connection

2.1 Choose a suitable install point

It is very important for the install a suitable position. Suitable position is of advantage to the accuracy of differential pressure Switch. The connector should be close with the Water Inlet of Heater Exchanger or Pump or Water Filter, choose the inlet and outlet as the position of measuring pressure.

install a differential pressure switch in heater exchanger

2.2 Connection the copper pipe

1) Drill in the pipeline,joint 1/4”SAE connector
2) Put the switch on the holder(No special demand for plastic junction box),make the 1/4”copper pipe to connect the switch with 1/4”SAE connector.
3) The port with “High” mark should connect with High Pressure Terminal(Water Input), the port with “Low” mark should connect with Low Pressure Terminal(Water Output).
4) Connect Pipe should be solid connected with 1/4”SAE Port, using 10mm rubber insulated board and insulated pipe to keep heat, or use heating wire to keep warm by wrapping evenly.

2.3 Adjust the Differential Pressure Set
The setpoint could be changed by adjusting the tuning knob, clockwise rotation could add the setpoint, counter clockwise could decrease setpoint

3. Wire Connection

The output of switch is located in the terminals of junction box, user could connect the wire by the reality condition, with suitable wire.(We supplying M20”SAE water joint)。

Wiring Diagram of Differential Pressure Switch

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