How to Install GE-102 Sludge Depth Level Meter

1. Introduction:

The GE-102 level meter is specially designed to measure the depth for sludge, it could be continual and online to monitor the sludge interface level in the sewage wastewater treatment field. This Sludge Level Meter could measure the position and height of sludge by the principle of ultrasonic echo, it will be real-time to monitor the thickness and depth of sludge, and to control the progress online. Then it could avoid the water quality deterioration and sludge denitrification or digestion.

* Level Range: 1m ~ 5m ~ 10m
* Accuracy: 1.0%
* Output: 4~20mA (Standard, 1~5V and RS485 is available)
* Power Supply: 220 VAC or 24V DC

2. Wire Connection Diagram:

wire diagram of sludge depth meter

3. Key Function of Ultrasonic Level Controller:

[PAG] when the meter is working, press this key, it will display the page P1; then press Move Key, it will entry the parameter in P1; Press one time for Page Turn, it will go to next page one time.
[MOV] When set the parameter, press this key, move the changeable number. When finish set each number, press this key to each number again, then all number will flash, it means the parameter is set. When the display is close, press this key, the display will appear; when working, press this key 5 second, the backlight will close, press 5 second again, it will be open
[ADD] When set the parameter, press this key, the “flash number” will add 1; and it could confirm the point too. When need negative, pres this key, it will out minus, or change minus to plus; when working, press it 5 seconds, the display will close, then saving power; when working, press the key, it could change the display about “output analog” with “temperature”.

4. Parameter setting of Sludge Depth Level Meter:


When the meter power on, pressthe key for Page Turn, it will display P1, then press the Move Key, entry P1 page, as the below

L1 ××××

The first limit alarm output: L1, use the move key to move the position, use the key for Add Number to change the value. Input the limit value, when the last number is flashing, press the Move Key again, then the 4 number will not flash, press the key for Page Turn, the setup will finish, it will come to next parameter setup

L2 ××××

The 2nd limit alarm output, similar as the 1st

L3 ××××

The 3rd limit alarm output, similar as the 1st

L4 ××××

The Fourth limit alarm output, similar as the 1st (the above is work for the user who purchase the limit alarm output in option)


The Depth of sensor, the sensor should work below the water surface; so there will be a depth value for the sensor. The parameter will have 2 function:
1. When user need measure the distance between the surface of sludge and the water surface, The E value should be the distance between the water surface and sensor serface, -xx (negative value)

2. When need the height value of the sludge, E value is the sensor surface to the bottom of the pool. XX(Positive Value)

The value is meter, e.g. 0.5m; use the key of Add Number, it could set the point and minus


Salinity: if fresh water, it is 0; if in the sea, just input the value. If it is 3.6%,just input 0.036

d ×

Network Address: used for connect with other meter, the value could be 1~128; press the key for Add number, the value will add 1; press move key, it will reduce 1

bo ×××

Baud Rate, it could be; press the key for Add number, the value will add ; press move key, it will reduce

P ×

Transmitting Power, the value could be 0~15, it usually no need change, we set it in factory


Water temperature, just look the value, could not change


The analogy value for depth, just look the value, could not change

Out the P1

After set all parameter, press the Page Turn 3 second, it will out P1

1. When measure, must power on 15 minutes before measure.

2. When measure the sea water, input the salinity value in P1, N
3. Avoid Noise and Electra-Magnetic Interference
4. Avoid high temperature and low temperature

5. Serial communication protocol RS-485 :

[Standard Baud Rate]

The system uses the asynchronous half-duplex communication, the baud rate could be 600~19200bps.

1. Master Meter: sent the address (1-64), then receive the data

2. Slave meter: Answer the master meter by stop, each frame sent 21 BYTE

The first 5 BYTE is water depth (5 BYTE ASC code, the unit is meter)

the BYTE 6~20 just for test in produce, no need pay attention
21st BYTE is Checksums

e.g.  the below is a data sent by the meter

30 2E 35 30 31 31 31 33 2E 37 36 31 41 5C 2D 86 3F 00 4D B5 E6

----- water depth = 0.501m30 2E 35 30 31) ;

-----  6~20 just for test in produce

----- E6 is Checksums

principle of sludge height depth meter

6. Installation of Sludge Depth Level Sensor

1. When install the transducer, please consider the protection for transducer. Put the cable through the pipe at first, then connect the pipe with the transducer, avoid the force to the cable, then avoid the rending for the cable. if rupture the cable, the transducer will be destroyed.

2. To avoid the impact of water wave of the water surface, it will be better to install the transducer below the water surface by more than 0.5m.

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