How to choose a suitable flow switch for your machine

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When most users choose the flow switch, there will be many problems, resulting in improper flow switch, waste of time and money. Therefore, our engineer of flow switch, remind you: when selecting the flow switch, we should pay attention to the following problems:

1. What is the power supply voltage? DC or AC: 24V or 220V
2. Output signal, including normally open and normally closed.
3. How much VA is the power consumption depends on your needs.
4. Switch Contact capacity, max loading, which should be important.

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with stainless steel body

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with stainless steel body

The V10SS flow switch utilizes a rugged, hermetically sealed reed swit...

The general flow switch can display whether the flow reaches the set value by setting the flow.

There are many kinds of flow switches:
1. Metal rotor type(flow rate value can be displayed)
2. Float type
3. Paddle type flow switch (flow can be displayed)
4. Viscosity compensation type

Viscosity Compensated Flow Switches

Viscosity Compensating Flow Switches with flow rate meter

GE-344 type Viscosity Compensating Flow Meter and Switches have a Hig...

5. Thermal flow switch (flow rate value can be displayed)

Ex-proof type Thermal Flow Switches

EX Thermal Flow Switches with digital screen display

GE-325 series Thermal Flow Sensor is designed as Explosion Proof type,...

6. Rotary vane flow switch(flow rate value can be displayed)
7. Plug in electromagnetic flowmeter can also be used
8. Piston Type,  (flow rate value can be displayed)
adjustable piston flow switches

Adjustable Inline Piston Flow Switches

GE-342 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous media...



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