Working Principle of Pressure Switch in air compressor

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The Pressure Switches is mainly used to adjust the start and stop state of the air compressor. It can make the air compressor stop and rest by adjusting the pressure in the air tank, which has a protective effect on the machine. When the air compressor is commissioned in the factory, adjust it to the specified pressure according to the customer's needs, and then set a differential pressure. For example, when the compressor starts to turn on, pump air into the air tank, and when the pressure reaches 10bar, the air compressor stops or unloads, When the pressure lows to 7bar, the air compressor starts to start again. There is a pressure difference between them. In this process, the compressor can rest to protect the air compressor.
Adjustable Pressure Switch

GE-208 Adjustable Pressure Switch

GE-208 adjustable pressure switch is a mechanical controller, the work...

The compressor is directly driven by the motor, which causes the crankshaft to rotate and the connecting rod to cause the piston to move back and forth, causing the change of cylinder volume. Due to the change of the pressure in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (muffler) through the intake valve. During the compression stroke, due to the reduction of the volume of the cylinder,
Precise Pressure Regulator

Precise Air Pressure Regulator

Precise Air Pressure Regulator G3/8", input 10bar, output 0.1-8bar...

The compressed air passes through the function of the exhaust valve, the exhaust pipe, the check valve (check valve) and the air storage tank. When the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa, the compressed air will be automatically shut down under the control of the pressure switch. When the pressure of the air tank drops to 0.5-0.6mpa, the pressure switch is automatically connected and started.



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