Application and Character of all kinds of Water Flow Switches

(I) Application of Gravity water flow switch
The gravity type water flow switch can only be installed vertically and cannot be moved during operation. The advantage is that the starting flow is very small, and the switch can be turned on when the pressure is only two meters high. Therefore, it is suitable for the ultra-low water pressure starting domestic gas water heater, electric water heater, water dispenser, etc. which are used in small household appliances to control the automatic start-up and shut-down of water inlet.

Gravity water flow switch

GE-312 Smart Gravity Plastic Flow Switch

GE-312 Smart Plastic Flow Switches Teflon PTFE material is available, ...

(II) Application of Piston type water flow switch
The piston type water flow switch is a representative product of the whole industry. Its starting flow set point is adjustable and widely used in all kinds of field. It can be used in the water-cooling system of various large machinery, to control the automatic start and stop of water supply pump or drainage.

Piston Type Flow Switches

Adjustable Inline Piston Flow Switch

GE-342 Adjustable Piston flow switch for liquid, Oil, or gaseous media...

(III) Application of Flap type water flow switch
The most advantage of the flap type water flow switch is that it can be used as a check valve in the reverse direction. The water could pass the flow switch with the whole diameter of pipe, less pressure loss. It has no special requirements for water pressure and quality. It is mainly used in heat pump air conditioning, coal mine drainage, sewage treatment, etc.

Flap Type Flow Switches

GE-311 Smart Paddle Flow Switch

GE-311 Smart Paddle Flow Switch, DN15 DN20 paddle flow switch...

(IV) Application of Target water flow switch
Target type water flow switch is a kind of mechanical water flow switch, which can be loading with large working current and can directly load ordinary power electric equipment. Its disadvantage is that when the required starting water volume is low, because the target is too large, it has a great impact on the flow through the pipeline. If the required flow is large, only the target area is reduced, so the starting flow will become high, so it can only be used on some non required water supply and drainage equipment.

(V) application of differential pressure water flow switch
This Pressure Differential type water flow switch can be changed into a water flow switch with stable pressure by adding a few parts inside. Its working performance is quite stable. Now it is mainly used in the hot water dispenser and electric water heater which require constant water volume.

Differential Pressure Flow Switches for variable flow primary pumping system

GE-511A Differential Pressure Switches to detect the water flow of pump

(VI) Application of impeller type water flow switch(Flow Sensor)
Impeller Rotor water flow switch is the most widely used water flow switch at present, because it can automatically calculate the flow water. It can be used in water machine, coffee machine, steam equipment, campus card water selling system, water treatment equipment, cooling system, mechanical equipment, instruments and meters, pharmaceutical (manufacturing) equipment, etc.
Hall Effect water flow switches

GE-302H Brass Impeller Water Flow Switch

1/2" Male + Female connection, produced by Brass material, stability a...



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