Brief Introduction of Flow Switches

What is water flow switch? Water flow switch is a common type of flow detective device. It mainly detects the dynamic state of water flow, with the advantages of flexible use, stable performance, high reliability, simple maintenance, long service life, etc. Nowadays, we mainly introduce the application of water flow switch, hoping to help users better application for this products.

In some large equipment and machines, circulating water is usually used to cool the unit, so as to ensure the working temperature of the unit in a reasonable range. When the cooling water system fails, if the water flow stops, it will cause the temperature of the unit to rise, affect the normal operation of the unit, and seriously may cause the unit to burn out. Generally, a water flow switch will be installed in the pipe of the cooling water system to monitor the flow status of the cooling water in real time. Once the cooling water stops flowing, the water flow switch will send an alarm signal to the central control room, so that the central control room can handle it in time and avoid accidents.

Generally, there are three main kinds of water flow switches, one is the early mechanical flow switch, also known as the baffle paddle flow switch. Its principle is to push the paddle to detect the flow of water, and then touch the microswitch. The mechanical flow switch has the advantages of convenient use and low price. The disadvantages are that the mechanical structure will wear out, and the action is not very stable when the water quality is not good.
Paddle Flow Switches

Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

CM2K Paddle Flow Switches is highly designed to monitor the flow rates...

One is the thermal flow switch. Its principle is that the flow of liquid is different in size and the heat carried is different. By detecting the heat loss, the flow of water can be detected. The advantage of this kind of water flow switch is that there is no movable part, there is no wear and tear, which greatly enhances its service life and stability. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive than that of the mechanical type.
Thermal Flow Switches

Thermal Flow Switches

GE-327 Thermal Flow Switch is CE certificate, No moving parts, no main...

The last one is the differential pressure type flow switch, which controls the flow accurately according to the curve of the pressure drop and flow of the heat exchanger and does not produce any pressure drop to the air conditioning system.

Differential Pressure Flow Switches

GE-511A Differential Pressure Flow Switches to detect the water flow of pump

The water flow switch can be widely used in the fields of industrial automation / mechanical equipment / air compression industry / refrigeration and air conditioning. In industrial occasions, it is specifically used in water-cooled welding machine, laser equipment cooling system, vacuum coating machine, electric furnace, polysilicon ingot furnace, etc. The water flow switch magnet is not in the flowing water channel, which can be used in the sewage system and can work normally.



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