How does water flow switch protect the refrigeration equipment

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In the refrigeration equipment, what is the real function of the water flow switch in the refrigeration unit? Most technicians just talk about the function of protecting the machine, but they don't know how to protect it?
water flow switch for refrigeration compressor

[water flow switch work for refrigeration compressor]

Function of water flow switch:
1. The water flow switch is selected according to the flow rate of the main engine before installation. When starting up and running, the water pump shall be started first. When the water flow reaches the required flow of the main engine, and the flow switch is turned on, the main engine starts to work, and the heat exchanger of the refrigerator carries out normal heat exchange.

2. When the water pump is damaged or the system is abnormal, if the water flow is not enough, the flow switch cannot be turned on, and the main engine does not work, so as to protect the heat exchanger.

3. If there is no water flow switch to start the main engine, it will work directly. If there is no water in the heat exchanger or there is insufficient water, the heat exchanger may be burned or frozen.

4. The water flow switch has a pair of control switches from the signal line to the host, which is connected to the AC contactor. When the water flow switch is opened, it transmits the signal to the contactor. The contactor is closed, and the host can be started. Otherwise, it cannot be started to protect the host.

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When the water flow switch senses that there is enough water flow through the evaporator (or condenser), the compressor can operate normally. Otherwise, the water flow switch will cut off the circuit of the compressor of the main engine and stop it to avoid accidents. Water flow switch is to cooperate with automatic control devices to start and stop relevant equipment.



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