How to select a proper type pressure transmitter

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Among all kinds of instruments, the pressure transmitter is the most widely used and the most common. A pressure transducer, often called a pressure transmitter, is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. Although there are various types of pressure transducers, one of the most common is the strain-gage base transducer.

industry Pressure Transmitter

LED Screen Pressure Transmitter

GE-204 Visual Pressure Transmitter is one special pressure transmitter.

The transmitter is generally divided into pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter. Pressure transmitters are often used to measure pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, liquid level, etc. There are two-wire system (current signal) and three-wire system (voltage signal) for transmitters, especially two-wire system (current signal). There are intelligent and non intelligent ones, and more and more user choose intelligent transmitters; there are pneumatic and electric ones, most of which are electric ones. In addition, there are intrinsic safety type and flameproof type according to the application occasions. When selecting the type, it is necessary to make corresponding selection according to the requirements of its own working conditions Choose.

I. compatibility of tested media
When selecting the type, it is necessary to consider the media to pressure interface and sensitive element, and the material of pressure interface and sensitive element. If the side is used for a short time, the outer film will be corroded and damaged, resulting in equipment and personal accidents. Therefore, the material selection is very important.

II. Influence of medium temperature and ambient temperature on products
The temperature of the medium to be measured and the ambient temperature shall be taken into account in the selection. If the temperature is higher than the temperature compensation of the product itself, it is easy to cause the measurement data drift of the product. The actual working environment of the transmitter shall be taken into account in the selection to avoid the inaccurate measurement of the temperature on the pressure-sensitive core.
Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Air Pressure Differential Transmitter

Air Differential Pressure transmitter, could be LCD screen display, wo

III. selection of pressure range
When selecting the type, the working pressure level of the equipment shall be considered, and the pressure level of the transmitter must be consistent with the application.

IV. selection of pressure interface
In the selection process, strictly implement the size of the pressure interface used by the user, select the appropriate and correct screw thread connection;

V. selection of electrical interface
During selection, the user's signal acquisition mode and field wiring shall be confirmed again and again, and the sensor signal shall be connected with the user's acquisition interface; the appropriate and correct electrical interface and signal mode shall be selected.

Vi. pressure type selection
The instrument for measuring absolute pressure is called absolute pressure gauge. For ordinary industrial pressure gauge, the pressure value is different between absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure. When the absolute pressure is greater than the value of atmospheric pressure, the measured value of gauge pressure is positive, which is called positive gauge pressure; when the absolute pressure is less than the value of atmospheric pressure, the measured value of gauge pressure is negative, which is called negative gauge pressure, which is called vacuum degree. The instrument for measuring vacuum degree is called vacuum meter.



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