The necessity of shaft seal water flow switches

Packing and mechanical seals used in fluid applications, which both require constant cooling and lubrication. Clean and reliable gland seal water supply is a critical utility in any oil sands mining facility. Pressurized gland water is pumped into the seals of slurry pumps in order to keep them clear of bitumen, sand and fines. This gland seal water serves three important functions: enables the pump shaft to rotate within its sleeve with minimum friction, prevents the slurry from back-flowing into the seals and damaging the shaft, and allows for a small amount of cooling of the pump shaft, which heats up as it rotates at high speeds.

The most important factor in designing a gland seal water system is to ensure the system is reliable and has sufficient pressure. If gland water pressure is too low, it will not be able to overcome back-pressure from the pump and cause the slurry to back-flow into the sleeve. So, a Gland Seal Water Flow Switch will be a necessary part of the seal water system.

If user ask for a shaft seal flow switch, we always recommend the below products:

shaft seal water flow switch

[GE-343 Gland Shaft Seal Water Flow Switches]


1. Flow Meter function, it will show the flow rate precisely

2. SS304 material, max pressure could be 100bar

3. IP67 protection grade

4. NO or NC switch signal is optional, LED alarm lamp is optional

5. CE certificate

Pressure and Flow Regulate function could be added!

* Pipe Size: 1/4" DN8; 3/8" DN10; 1/2" DN15; 3/4" DN20; 1" DN25
* Flow Range: 0.6L/min ~ 8.0L/min; 1.0L/min ~ 15L/min; 2.0L/min~25L/min

The biggest advantage of our Gland Seal Water flow switch is the price, its price is much more lower than the common seal water flow switch。 welcome to inquire:



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