How does Flow Switch Detect Leakage of Shaft Seal Water

First of all, what is seal water? Mechanical seal is mainly sealed by grinding between the moving and stationary rings. In order to protect the sealing surfaces of dynamic and static rings, mechanical seals need cooling water, which is also called seal water.

There are two forms of cooling seal water. One is that the fluid in the pump leaks to the mechanical seal. This part of seal cooling water is relatively dead water, never fresh changed. In order to keep its temperature within a certain range, it needs to be cooled by an external cooler. The moving ring is made into a spiral pump to provide circulating cooling power for this part of seal cooling water; the other is that the cooling water is directly connected to the external cooling water source and flows after cooling Enter the pump and flow with the fluid in the pump

The main forms of leakage of mechanical seal of water pump are: leakage caused by pressure, leakage caused by medium, periodic leakage of mechanical seal, dry friction or roughening of seal face caused by insufficient lubricating oil on seal face. According to the standard HG2099, the leakage is the volume of equivalent liquid under this pressure, which is specified as: when the shaft diameter is greater than 80mm, the leakage is not greater than 10ml /H; when the shaft diameter is not greater than 80mm, the leakage is not greater than 8ml / h.

shaft seal water flow switch

[GE-343 Gland Shaft Seal Water Flow Switches]

GE-343 seal water flow switch adopts the display window isolated from liquid to observe the flow of shaft seal water in real time. When the flow of seal water is significantly greater than the normal flow, it can be judged that there is a possible seal water leakage, and it should be checked in time to see if there is a seal water leakage.

GE-343 seal water flow switch can also customize two set point products, one is low flow alarm, that is, when seal water is cut off; the other is high flow alarm, that is, when seal water leaks seriously. In this way, the protection of the machine is safe.



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