3 kinds of Differential Pressure Switch for central air conditioning

Differential Pressure Switch is similar as the pressure switch, it is a simple electro- mechanical device that operates on the basic principles of Levers and opposing forces. They are mainly used for sensing a difference in pressure between two points in a plant or system.

In general, the differential pressure switch uses the differential pressure of two pipes to send out electric signals. When the differential pressure of two ends of the series of liquid pipes rises (or falls) and exceeds the set value of the controller, it sends out signals to control the reversing valve or monitor the lubrication system. Then the valve will be opened (or closed) to reduce the pressure difference between the two ends of the system liquid pipe, so as to achieve the normal operation of the system.

There are three kinds of differential pressure switches most commonly used in central air conditioning:

one is the differential oil pressure switch, which is used to detect whether the oil pressure of the compressor meets the standard. This differential pressure switch is also used on the refrigerant pipeline to detect whether the high and low differential pressure is established.

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One is the air differential pressure switch, which is used to detect whether the filter of the air cabinet needs to be replaced.

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Another is the water pressure differential switch, which is used to protect the cooling water flow of the unit.



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