Use and Maintenance of Temperature Transmitter

The temperature transmitter adopt thermocouple and thermal resistance as the temperature measuring element, and the output signal from the temperature measuring element is sent to the transmitter module.

After the circuit processing of voltage stabilizing and filtering, operational amplification, nonlinear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection, it is converted into 4-20mA current signal output with linear relationship with the temperature. The following describes the use and maintenance of the temperature transmitter.

Temperature Transmitter Explosion Proof

Temperature Transmitter

GE-378 Temperature Transmitter is the high performance temperature with ATEX Explosion proof shell, tra...

Use of Temperature Transmitter
1. Different models of temperature transmitters shall be wired according to the instructions. For explosion-proof instruments with safety spark circuit, the wiring must not be wrongly connected, and the short circuit or wrong connection shall be carefully checked.
2. The input of the thermal resistance transmitter is three wire system. The line resistance of each connecting wire shall be equal and within the same ambient temperature.
3. When using the temperature transmitter, pay special attention to the difference between the ordinary type and the intrinsic safety Explosion Proof type. The ordinary type cannot be installed in the dangerous area, and the intrinsic safety type can be installed in the dangerous area.

4. Wiring: the wiring of safety spark circuit (input signal wire) must be the wire with insulating sleeve or shield, and the wiring of non safety spark circuit shall be isolated from each other to avoid mutual contact.

Duct type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Duct type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm...

Maintenance of Temperature Transmitter
1. In principle, it is not allowed to dismantle the components of the safety spark circuit and change the instrument wiring. If it is necessary to replace, it shall be carried out according to the explosion-proof requirements.
2. During regular inspection, in order to accurately read out the data, connect the digital voltmeter between the output terminals for measurement instead of taking off the safe spark return circuit.
3. After the failure of the instrument, the power shall be cut off for inspection, and the power shall not be delivered until the failure is found out.
4. The temperature transmitter shall be kept clean during operation



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