The Necessity of Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring can prevent the illness from inappropriate temperature and humidity. For example, in some farms, the growth of livestock is inseparable from the temperature and humidity. They can grow faster only in the appropriate environment and the appropriate temperature and humidity, then the user can obtain greater benefits

In life science facilities, metrology calibration laboratories and electronic manufacturing environments, temperature and humidity often need being monitored and alarm display 24 hours x 7days, to protect products and processes. In environmental monitoring, real-time data reporting to ensure that the environment "meets the specifications" is essential.

The computer room is the center of data exchange and storage, where a large number of sophisticated servers, switches, routers, disk arrays and other equipment are stored. In order to protect the equipment, once the temperature exceeds the set value, the equipment manufacturer will automatically stop running. At the same time, the temperature and humidity also affect the service life of the equipment, so the construction environment of the machine room is an indispensable part

In our life, we should always care about the change of environment of temperature and humidity . Only by grasping the difference and change of environment, can we survive and develop better.

Ventilation Duct Humidity Temperature Sensor

Duct Ventilation Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm...

The Character of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter:
1 real time display of temperature and humidity measurement value of monitoring point
Support 485 industrial bus and TCP / IP Ethernet communication
3. Set the upper and lower limit alarm of temperature, send SMS to mobile phone automatically when alarm, and use mobile phone to query the temperature and humidity value in real time, so as to realize unattended easily
4 automatic alarm, when the measured value exceeds the upper limit alarm value, it will switch the automatic alarm
5. 36 temperature and humidity transmitters can be interposed in a system, and the transmission function of the host power supply line is adopted
6 network function, can be matched with GPRS system, realize remote multi-user simultaneous use



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