Top 7 Matters in the use of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

The temperature and humidity transmitter is a transmitter device equipped with humidity sensor and thermal sensor, which can be used to measure temperature and humidity, some with LCD display, some without LCD display. Due to its small size, stable performance and high precision, the temperature and humidity transmitter is widely used in various fields of production and life.

So, what should we pay attention in the use of temperature and humidity transmitter?

Room type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-373 Room type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

wall-mount room type temperature and humidity transmitters are designe...

1. The humidity transmitter is non-sealed. In order to protect the accuracy and stability of the measurement, it should be avoided to use in the atmosphere, which contains acidic, alkaline and organic solvent . Also avoid use in dusty environments.

2.In order to reflect the humidity of the space to be measured correctly, the sensor should also be avoided to be placed too close to the wall or the dead corner of air circulation. If the room under test is too large, multiple sensors should be placed. Some humidity sensors have high standard requirements on power supply, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.

3. Provide appropriate power supply that meets the requirements of accuracy as required.

Ventilation Duct Humidity Temperature Sensor

Duct Ventilation Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm..

4. When the sensor needs to carry out long-distance signal transmission, attention should be paid to signal attenuation.

5.When the transmission distance is more than 200m, it is recommended to choose the humidity sensor of frequency output signal.

Due to the dispersion of the humidity sensor, the sensor shall be debugged and calibrated one by one.

6.Most of the humidity sensors need to be re-calibrated after replacing the humidity sensor, which is especially important for the humidity sensor with high measurement accuracy.



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