How to Deal With the Signal Weakening of Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

After the installation of ultrasonic flowmeter and successful operation for a period of time, the signal of ultrasonic sensor maybe weaken. The reasons for this problem may be as follows:

1. First, confirm whether the water flow in the measuring pipe of the flowmeter is full of pipe.
2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, the probe can be installed on the pipe diameter with an inclined angle, instead of the horizontal pipe diameter, the Z-method should be used.
3. Select the dense part of the pipeline again and polish it well. Apply sufficient coupling agent and reinstall the ultrasonic sensor.

4. Carefully move each probe around the installation point to find the maximum signal point, so as to prevent the ultrasonic beam from reflecting out of the expected area due to scaling on the inner wall of the pipeline or local deformation of the pipeline and missing the installation point that can receive strong signal.

Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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5. For the metal pipes with serious scaling on the inner wall, the method of striking can be used to make the scaling part fall off or crack, but it should be noted that this method sometimes does not any help the transmission of ultrasonic because of the gap between scaling and inner wall.



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