Comparison between Electronic and Mechanical Differential Pressure Switch

1. Working Principle


Mechanical pressure switch: pure mechanical deformation causes microswitch action. When the pressure increases, the components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) that act on different sensing pressure will deform and move upward. Through the mechanical structure such as handrail spring, the microswitch at the top end will be activated finally to output the electrical signal


Electronic pressure switch: it adopt pressure sensor, mainly used for pressure sampling. Pressure is directly converted into measurable signal by voltage or current. Then the signal of sensor is amplified and normalized through signal conditioning circuit. Finally, through comparison circuit, the output level of the device is a certain level at the set pressure threshold Logic state. This logic level can be input to the microcontroller to drive the rear circuit or control the electric switch. The user can determine the pressure value of the action of the pressure switch by setting the level conversion threshold.


Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

No need Calibrate, Easy adjust by pressing the button, easy installation, 2 set point, 2 SPDT  switch, adjustable. Made by A.YITE TECH, GE-209 series

2. Accuracy

Mechanical differential pressure switch: accuracy (generally about ±5%)

Electronic differential pressure switch: built in precision pressure transmitter with high precision (the precision is generally ± 0.5% F.S, which is up to ± 0.2% F.S)


3. Signal Output

Mechanical differential pressure switch: Transfer mechanical deformation into switch signal

Electronic differential pressure switch: relay signal, stable output signal


4. Pressure Setting:

Mechanical differential pressure switch: the setting value can be adjusted, some can't. Dead zone return

Electronic differential pressure switch: no dead zone adjustment, can set the operating pressure point of relay arbitrarily


5. Pressure display:

Mechanical differential pressure switch: generally there is no function to display the pressure

Electronic differential pressure switch: digital display function (4-digit LED display), real-time display of current pressure value


6. Power Supply:

Mechanical differential pressure switch: no power supply required

Electronic differential pressure switch: power supply required


7. Life:

Mechanical differential pressure switch: the service life is different. The 101NN series differential pressure switch of A.YITE brand has a service life of 10 years, while the common differential pressure switch with a price less than 10USD has a service life of less than one year

Electronic differential pressure switch: about 3 years

Mechanical Differential Pressure Switches

A.YITE Brand 101NN type Mechanical Dfferential Pressure Switches



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