Wire Diagram of Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure switch, also called differential pressure controller. The installation and construction principle of differential pressure switch can be divided into mechanical differential pressure switch and electronic differential pressure switch. Electronic differential pressure switch needs power supply to work, and their wiring diagram is different.

Then, how to wire the mechanical differential pressure switch and how is the wiring diagram of the electronic differential pressure switch?

Wiring Diagram of Differential Pressure Switch

As shown in the figure above, the picture on the left is the wiring diagram of mechanical differential pressure switch. Without power supply, you can directly connect the normally open signal (NO + COM) or normally closed signal (NC + COM) to the equipment

The right part is the wiring diagram of the electronic differential pressure switch. The electronic differential pressure switch is a relatively high-grade instrument compared with the mechanical differential pressure switch. It can have two output switch signals, but it must be powered all the time to work. As shown in the figure, he has two couples of switch signals,  SPDT single pole double throw switches, or can also be used as DPDT signals. At the same time, DC24V + DC24V - is introduced into the terminals marked with + - respectively. Do not connect them reversely or mistake them with 220V power supply, otherwise the differential pressure switch will be burnt and directly discarded.

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Mechanical Differential Pressure Switches

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Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

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