How to Debug and Adjust the Flow Switch

In the old workshop reconstruction, several flow switches were installed to protect the water pump. However, during the debug, it was found that the flow switch could not monitor the flow change and the pump could not be started. What's the matter? How to adjust the flow switch to start the pump?

Generally, the flow switch is used to detect whether the pipe is blocked, or the pipe is cut off, so as to send out an alarm signal to prevent the pump from idling, or the machine from dry burning, or the pump will stop automatically after pumping all water, if a problem does occur, the mainframe will receive warning signals, so as to protect the machine or the pump.

Differential Pressure Flow Switches for variable flow primary pumping system

Water Differential Pressure type Flow Switches
detecting the water flow of pump, GE-511 type, made by A.YITE TECH

However, the flow switch can only detect the signal when the equipment is running. If only connect the flow switch to the pump control circuit simply, when the switch of machine is just closed, because there is no flow, the flow switch cannot send a close signal, then the pump cannot be started. This has nothing to do with the installation position of the flow switch, which is a wrong circuit connection problem.

Under the condition of no flow, if the open point of the flow switch is not closed and the control circuit of the pump is not connected, the pump can not be started. To solve this problem, we usually add a parallel manual switch to the flow switch, that is, a bypass switch. Before starting the pump, close and turn on the bypass switch of the flow switch. After starting the pump, because there is flow, the flow switch starts to turn on. At this time, the bypass switch can be turned off, then the flow switch start it’s function of protect. Through such a debugging method, the debugging problem that the pump cannot be started after the installation of the flow switch can be perfectly solved.

PTFE Teflon Flow Switches

GE-313 Teflon PTFE Plastic Paddle flow switches

This flow switch is produced by teflon plastic material with a long pa...

Flow switch is a very useful product. It has many kinds, different quality and different price. The flow switch can not only protect the pump, but also be used as the cooling water cut-off protection of the laser machine and the cooling water cut-off alarm of the boiler. We suggest that when selecting the flow switch, the flow switch technicians should not be greedy for cheapness. Because the flow switch protection equipment is very expensive, we must choose a product with stable performance, otherwise, once there is a problem, it will cause great loss.



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