Application of Differential Pressure Switch and Air Velocity Flow Sensor in Negative Pressure Ward

In the news of Wuhan pneumonia, the term negative pressure ward has been mentioned for many times. For example, Shanghai public health clinical center located in Jinshan District has set up a new type of centralized isolation treatment point for coronavirus pneumonia, and the ward the patient lives in is the negative pressure ward. So what are the characteristics of negative pressure ward? What is the principle of negative pressure ward? How to use micro differential pressure switch and Air Velocity sensor in the ventilation system of negative pressure ward?

Negative pressure ward refers to a ward where the air pressure in the ward is lower than that outside the ward, which means that the air in the ward will not spread freely to the outside, but will be discharged to a fixed place in time through a special channel. If there is Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus in the ward, it will also flow away with the exhaust system and be eliminated by the disinfection and filtration system. This is also an important condition that who specially emphasizes in the regulation of rescuing Wuhan pneumonia patients. Many domestic hospitals are difficult to reach this level.

There are two main functions of the negative pressure isolation ward for Wuhan pneumonia patients. One is to isolate the pathogenic microorganisms by using the negative pressure principle, and discharge the air polluted by the patients in the room after special treatment, so as not to pollute the environment; the other is to dilute the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms in the ward through ventilation and reasonable air flow organization, so as to make the medical staff in a favorable wind direction and protect the medical staff Work safety of security personnel.

Then let's talk about the application of micro differential pressure switch and Air Velocity transmitter in the negative pressure ward. The negative pressure isolation ward uses one set of air supply purification device and two sets of exhaust purification devices. Both ventilation systems need to monitor the air flow rate in real time, and replace the new filter element in time when the filter cotton is blocked to a certain extent.

The air micro differential pressure switch, also known as air negative pressure switch, is mainly used to detect the pressure of the ventilation pipe or the pressure of the negative pressure ward. When the pressure is insufficient, it will send an alarm signal in time to remind the maintenance personnel to replace the filter element in time or carry out other maintenance operations.

Air Differential Pressure Switches for negative pressure ward

Air Differential Pressure Switch

GE-924 Adjustable Air Differential Pressure Switch for monitoring the ventilation system of negative pressure ward.

Air Velocity Sensor, also known as Air Velocity transmitter and air volume flow transmitter, it is an instrument to detect the air flow rate of the ventilation pipe. It can output 4-20mA or RS-485 signals to monitor the air flow rate in real time. In the ventilation system of the negative pressure ward, the Air Velocity sensor can monitor the air flow rate in real time, make the air flow rate of the air supply system and the exhaust system balanced, and ensure a certain air flow rate, so that the air in the ward can be updated in time.

GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter

GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter

GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter is designed for air velocity measuring, CE certificate, ATEX Explosion Proof is available, monitoring and controll..



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