Causes and Treatment Methods Fault of Differential Pressure Switch

1. No Output signal from differential pressure switch

Cause analysis:

(1) Microswitch damaged:

---Replace microswitch

(2) The switch setting point is set too high,

---Adjust to appropriate setting value

(3) The wire of the microswitch is not well connected,

---Reconnect for microswitch

(4) The pressure sensing part is poorly assembled and has stuck,

---Reassemble for Agility

(5) Damage of pressure sensing element,

---Replace the pressure sensing element

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2. Fault phenomenon: Sensitivity of Differential pressure switch is not enough

(1) Poor assembly /excessive friction of transmission mechanism (ejector pin or plunger, etc.)

---Reassemble for Agility

(2) Contact stroke of microswitch is too long

---Reasonable adjustment of contact stroke of microswitch

(3) Improper adjustment of adjusting screw, ejector pin, etc

---Adjust the position of nail and top bar reasonably

(4) Improper installation, such as uneven and inclined installation solutions:

---Change to vertical or horizontal installation

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3. Fault phenomenon: Signal sending is too fast from differential pressure switch:

(1) Large inlet damping hole

The damping hole shall be properly reduced, or the damping pipe shall be added on the control pipe

(2) Broken diaphragm

---Replace the isolation diaphragm

(3) The impact pressure of the system is too high

---Add damping pipe on the control pipeline to reduce the impact pressure

(4) Solutions to the errors in the design of electrical system

---Design electrical system according to process requirements

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