Trend to Replace Mechanical DPS by Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

Electronic differential pressure switch is an intelligent digital pressure measurement and control instrument, which integrates pressure measurement, display, output and control. The product is of full electronic structure. The front end adopts the pressure sensor with isolation membrane filling oil pressure resistance, which is converted by high-precision A/D, processed by microprocessor, displayed on site, and outputs one analog quantity and two SPDT switching signals.

Application field of Electronic differential pressure switch:
It is widely used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic and other industries to measure, display and control the differential pressure / pressure of fluid medium on site
Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

No need Calibrate, Easy adjust by pressing the button, easy installation, 2 set point, 2 SPDT  switch, adjustable. Made by A.YITE TECH, GE-209 series

What are the advantages of electronic differential pressure switch over traditional mechanical differential pressure switch?
1. The reading of electronic display is more convenient and accurate
2. Longer service life
3. Good resistance for shake 
4. High measurement accuracy
5. There can be 2 settings points
6. Debugging is simple and convenient. The traditional mechanical differential pressure switch needs to install pressure gauge separately for pressure regulation, and the installation personnel need to have certain debugging experience, otherwise it may take a very long time to debug successfully. The electronic differential pressure switch can be debugged only by pressing the button on the panel, just like the operation of a mobile phone, very simple and convenient

In the consideration of energy-saving and labor-saving, installation technicians, especially the inexperienced installation personnel, will be more inclined to let the purchasing personnel to purchase the electronic differential pressure switch, which is convenient for installation and debugging.

Mechanical Differential Pressure Switches

A.YITE Brand 101NN type Mechanical Dfferential Pressure Switches
Higher static Pressure, Large adjustable range

Of course, mechanical differential pressure switch is not useless. Some differential switches with excellent design have high-pressure and corrosion resistance properties. For example, the 101NN differential pressure switch produced by Hong Kong A.YITE company, which adopts PTFE Teflon diaphragm, can be used in corrosive liquid and can withstand very high static pressure. The contact capacity of the switch is very large, and the maximum passing current can reach 15A



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