Application of Ultrasonic and Non-intrusive Flow Switch

An ultrasonic Flow Switch is a popular variety of non-intrusive Flow Switch, meaning they don't actually have to penetrate the wall of the pipe, duct or channel you're attempting to monitor flow through.

Instead, an ultrasonic sensor can be clamped to the outside of the duct, where it reads and reacts to flow rate by pinging a signal back and forth from sensors. This signal is refracted and reflected by particulates or bubbles in the stream, before returning to the sensor, and the flow rate can then be calculated using the Doppler effect. 

Because ultrasonic Flow Switch generally rely on sonic transmission in the liquid, they tend not to be suitable for wastewater and other “dirty” media, and are much more commonly found monitoring drinking or distilled water or purely chemical liquid. Clamp-on varieties will only work with certain duct types due to risk of interference with the signal, and are seldom seen on lined pipes for that reason.

Ultrasonic Flow Switches

EU-108 Ultrasonic Flow Switches

EU-108 Ultrasonic Flow Switches is a fixed mounted non-intrusive flow switches, Made by A.YITE TECH ZHOU ENSI LTD..



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