How to Install GE-341 Explosion Proof Paddle Flow Switches?

1. Brief Introduction:

GE-341 Explosion proof Flow Switch is a Flame Proof Type Paddle Flow Switch, adopting SS304 Material, the standard Ex-grade is ExdIIBT4, could customized ExdIICT6 or ExdICT6(for Mine area) or for dust Ex-proof. It have ATEX certificate, it could work for Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2. zones 20, 21 and 22 .

GE-341 Flame Explosion Proof Flow Switches

Installation of Explosion Proof Flow Switches

2. Pipe Connection

2.1 This Explosion Proof Flow Switch should be installed at the top of a horizontal pipe, it could not work for vertical pipe

2.2 The connection is G1" Male Thread for the flow switch, so the pipe should have a base with G1" Female Thread, the height of base could be 15mm-30mm

2.3 The end of the paddle should be far away from the bottom of pipe by more than 2-3mm, to avoid the sludge or sediment impeding the movement of paddle

2.4  the Paddle should crosscut vertical with the water flow

3. Wire Connection

3.1 Before open the shell of wire connector, make sure the wire without power

3.2 if install it at a NON Flame proof space, the voltage could be 3V -36V, AC or DC

3.3 if install it in a space with gas or dust, the voltage must be less than 24V DC, could not be AC. The current must be less than 0.1A

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