How to Install Air Micro Differential Pressure Switches GE-921 GE-922 GE-924?

Applicable Type Number:

GE-921 GE-922  GE-924 Air Differential Pressure Switches

Brief Introduction:

Air Micro Differential Pressure Switch, which is called as Negative Pressure Switches, can be used to sense a very small (differential) pressure and flow of air in ducts and pipes. It is same as Honeywell and Setra.

Possible fields of application include:
* Monitoring air filters and ventilators
* Monitoring industrial cooling-air circuits
* Maximum air flow controller for variable air volume systems
* Overheating protection for fan heaters
* Monitoring flows in ventilation ducts

Install Location:
select a location where vibrations are minimal. Ambient temperature should be within the range of ‐15 / +60℃ . The production calibration of the GE921 is made at room temperature; Mounting locations close to room temperatures are preferred. In systems with high humidity where condensation is possible, thus the entrance should point downwards.

Mounting of Air Differential Pressure Switches
Tube Connection:
Pressure connections are marked with P1 & P2, incorrect connections are forbidden. Pipe size is 6.0mm.
* P1 connect with High Pressure terminal (Marked with “+”)
* P2 connect with Low Pressure terminal (Marked with “‐”)

Mounting Instruction:
The air differential pressure switch is preferably mounted with the diaphragm in a vertical plane, unless the device is set or calibrated for horizontal mounting as on special customer models. On these models the mounting position is indicated on the side of the control. It may be fastened directly to the duct, heater or panel as long as the mounting surface has minimal or no vibration.

Pressure connections are marked +(high pressure ) and ‐ (low or static pressure). For more information, please read the diagram on the side of the control .

Note: To drill a hole through the plastic tube or pipe before installation, and also mount part of Z‐bracket on the spot (Standard setting)

Wire Connection:

Open the shell, it will show 3 wire terminal, it is SPDT switch. Push the cable through the cable gland, connect the wire at suitable terminal as the above wiring diagram.

System Check
After proper installation and adjustment of the control, the system should be checked by running at least one full cycle of the equipment. If anything appears to operate incorrectly; the wiring and components should be rechecked.

Repair and Replacement:
Repair is not possible. In case of a defective or improperly functioning control; please check with your nearest supplier. When contacting the supplier for a replacement, you should state the type/model number of the control. This number can be found on the side of the negative pressure switches. After screwing off the loose screws and removing the superstructure can be set the pressure(Setting red arrow at the location).

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