How To Install GE-208 Adjustable Mechanical Pressure Switches

1. Introduction

GE-208 Series adjustable pressure switch is a kind of Mechanical pressure controller, it have a stable structure with SS304 body, Gold-plated contacts will make sure the switch have a long lifetime. This Pressure Switches are programmed to activate at certain pressure points, and may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall.

2. Instrument Connection
The connection thread could be BSP1/2" 1/4" or others, which customized as the client required. When crew the thread, don't twist or turn the plastic part.

3. Wire Connection:

3.1 The output signal of this flow flow is SPDT NO+NC as the below picture.
3.2 SPDT NO+NC type: Max voltage is 250V AC, Max Current is 2.0A. If 220VAC, max current is 0.5A; if 110VAC, max current is 2.0A

4. Adjust Pressure Action Point
Get off the fixed screw and the DIN connector, when get off the DIN connector, don’t turn or twist the DIN connector left or right, just pull to up. If turn left or right, maybe destroy the wire connection. Adjust the inner screw by Allen wrench, to adjust the set point. clockwise to add the value, anticlockwise to reduce the value

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