Application of Anti-Corrosion Flow Switch in sea water heat pump system

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As we all know, sea water is a kind of corrosive liquid. Although it can't corrode stainless steel or ordinary plastic rapidly, But, with the passage of time, the sea water will corrode the stainless steel or ordinary plastic that has been in contact with sea water for a long time, which will affect its normal operation.

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With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, ground source heat pump unit is widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, high-grade residential buildings and other occasions, becoming the most rapidly developing air conditioning type at present; such a huge system without water flow switch may cause frequent start and stop of the unit, resulting in compressor failure and other problems.

Sea Water PVC Flow Detector

PVC inline Sea Water Flow Switches

GE-313AD Teflon Flow Switch with PVC Tee pipe, low cost, combats the p...

In order to ensure the proper water flow of the unit, a water flow switch must be set to ensure that the compressor will stop when the water flow drops. At present, the commonly used materials of the water flow switch are stainless steel and nylon. In the short term, the corrosion resistance of these two materials is not a big problem, but with the passage of time, the key mechanical parts will also be corroded, which will affect the action of the flow switch.

ZHOU ENSI LED have many type of Cooling Water Flow Detector, which is unique in the industry of sea water, developed and patented specifically for sea water pump or marine engines. It activates an immediate alarm upon loss of raw water

The GE-313 Teflon corrosion-resistant flow switch launched by A.YITE TECH,  made of composited Teflon material, which has excellent performance and stable performance in various corrosive environments.
PTFE Teflon Paddle Flow Switches

GE-313 Teflon PTFE Plastic Paddle Sea Water Flow Detector

This flow switch is produced by teflon plastic material with a long pa...

Ge-313 Teflon corrosion resistant flow switch can withstand the long-term corrosion of various liquids, and can effectively judge that the sudden water flow interruption (such as unexpected stop of water pump or other unexpected water flow interruption) during the operation of pool heat pump unit, causes abnormal high-pressure protection of the unit or compressor failure. For the sudden water flow interruption during defrosting, it may cause the heat exchanger to freeze, causing unnecessary Losses.



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