How to deal with the Water Flow Alarm of cooling water pump

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When the water flow in the cooling water pump is unstable, it is easy to break the paddle, and the failure of water flow protection will occur. The simple treatment is to replace the target paddle of Cooling Water Flow Detector, . If you want to stop it, move the water flow switch to the straight pipe section which is 5 times the pipe diameter of the elbow tee.

First, check whether there is water in the cooling tower and whether the water is full. Press one button to supplement the water ball valve to see whether the water is replenished. After the cooling water pump is turned on, check whether the water replenisher is in normal operation and whether the water flow is stable. If all are normal, you can short-circuit the wiring of the cooling water flow switch and start the machine.

cooling water flow detector

Paddle Flow Switches CM2K

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When the machine can be stopped, check the water flow switch, replace or repair it.

If there is no water or the boiling water pump has no water flow, make up water, exhaust gas, check the valve and check the check valve of standby water pump.

Points for attention in cooling water pump:
if short circuit to instead of the cooling water flow switch, If there is no water to start up, the unit will have high-pressure protection or compressor overheating protection, compressor overcurrent protection. If these protections fail, the compressor will be burned. Do not short-circuit the chilled water flow switch. If the chilled water does not flow, the evaporator of the unit will freeze for several seconds or minutes.

The water flow switch has the characteristics of accurate flow control, no additional resistance to the system, no requirement for pipe diameter and no disturbance of water flow. It can replace any kind of target flow switch as the flow control of HVAC water system. Compared with the target flow switch, it can avoid the false flow caused by pump cavitation (the actual flow rate is large, but the water is mixed with air The international flow is not large.
Differential Pressure Flow Switches

GE-511 Differential Pressure type Water Flow Switches

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Moreover, the field installation does not affect the flow control value of the differential pressure type flow switch, so the water flow switch can be widely used in the large, medium and small air-cooled or water-cooled chillers with brazed plate heat exchanger, sleeve heat exchanger and shell and tube heat exchanger as the water flow control and part of the anti freezing protection function.

According to the very accurate characteristics of the flow control of the differential pressure type water flow switch, it can also expose the improper design or installation of the external water pipeline of the unit, and prompt the installation personnel to exclude the installation or change the pipeline design.



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