What is Differential Pressure Switches?

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At first, DPS is a simple pressure control switch device. When the measured pressure reaches a certain fixed value, the internal device of the differential pressure switch will automatically send an alarm signal to the differential pressure switch.

It is is a switch that reacts to pressure difference of two points, usually your supply & return side. If the pressure between these points are high, it then "reacts" notifying of pressure problem on the system.

the structure of differential pressure switches

Differential pressure switches is a instrument, used to actuate an electric switch based on differential pressure, across two differential points in the circulation system, and this mechanical electric switch is used to detect the water flow in a water circulate system, as a differential pressure type flow switches, or sense airflow status across the fans, dirty status across the filters in air handling unit or it can be used to connect any control circuit to perform the required operation when switching condition goes on and off.

Components of Differential pressure switches
Range – The span range of differential pressures or flow rates within which the sensing element of a given switch can be set to actuate an mechanical electric switch.

Set or Actuation Point – The exact air or water pressure or flow rate which will cause the electric switch to actuate.

Rated Pressure – The maximum pressure that the actuating components of the switch in contact with the media can withstand continuously and/or repeatedly without risk of permanent damage.

Maximum Surge Pressure – Safe pressure for the switch housing but which may damage the mechanism by the continuous or repetitive application.
GE-511C Differential Pressure Switches with stainless steel body

Stainless Steel type Differential Pressure Switches

GE-511C differential pressure switches adopt stainless steel material,...

Normally Open Switch – A Switch in which the contacts are normally open. Actuation closes the contacts.

Normally Closed Switch – A switch in which the contacts are normally closed. Actuation opens the contacts.

Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Switch – A switch combining both normally open and normally closed switch contacts.
Air Differential Pressure Switches

Air Differential Pressure Switches

GE-924 Adjustable Air Differential Pressure Switch for monitoring over...

Null Switch – A floating contact switch with a zone of no contact. Often used to operate reversible motors.

Repetitive Accuracy – The ability of a pressure or flow switch to operate repetitively at its set point under consistent conditions.



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