Analysis for 4 Kinds of Alarms from Flow Switch in the water flow system

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The flow switch is to command switch the system according to the flow. Set the upper or lower limit for the flow switch, when the flow reaches the limit value, the flow switch will send a signal or alarm, and the system will run or stop. Generally, if the system requiring flow, it will need to install flow switch.

Because the flow switch has the advantages of high sensitivity, strong durability and so on, it is popular in the industrial field. It needs to know more about it when it is used for many purposes. To confirm the characteristics of the alarm action of the flow switch, the user shall be able to describe the alarm action clearly and be familiar with the working condition and process. There are many users think that alarm is a simple requirement, which is not complicated. It's just a waterless alarm.......but it's wrong to buy an economical cheap target flow switch.

The user is required to be clear about the working condition and process of production, to be able to describe the alarm state in language, and to be careful, otherwise you are not qualified to use the instrument.

1st kind of alarm: in case of an accident, the motor stops running, or the water flow is cut off or reduced immediately due to some special reason, which is shown as sudden sharp decrease of liquid flow, or no flow in the pipeline, which is simply described as an accident alarm. The main requirement of this kind of condition for flow switch is to send out the switch signal at once, while the alarm point is sensitive but no need accurate.

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with Stainless Steel Body

V10SS Paddle Flow Switch with Stainless Steel body

The V10SS flow switch utilizes a rugged, hermetically sealed reed switch which is encapsulated in a ...

2nd kind of alarm: due to the long-term operation in system, the amount of dirt in the pipeline increases gradually, then the flow resistance increases gradually, the flow reduction in the pipeline has a long process, and the system is in normal operation. When the flow is reduced to a certain value, an alarm is required, otherwise the equipment will be damaged. This kind of flow reduction is not an emergency. This kind of alarm belongs to the lower limit flow alarm. The lower limit value can be set in advance, which is simply described as the lower limit alarm, or operation alarm. This kind of field has higher requirements on the flow switch, which generally requires that the flow switch itself is on-off band flow display or even remote transmission, and the field setting is convenient.  For this condition, we advise the Differential Pressure Type Flow Switches, it could have an accurate flow setting point to send alarm signal.

Differential Pressure Flow Switches for variable flow primary pumping system

GE-511A Differential Pressure type Flow Switches  to detect the water flow of pump

GE-511A Brass body is Pressure Differential Switch with adjustable setpoint. The adjustable differen...

3rd kind of alarm: small flow alarm, it means the more sensitive the flow switch is, the better choice. This kind of working condition shows that as long as there is flow, the equipment will not be damaged, and only when there is no flow, the alarm is allowed to operate under low flow for a long time, which is simply described as whether there is water flow alarm. For this condition, we advise the Electronic Sensitive Flow Switches, the switch turn flow value will very very small, as the below picture:

Sensitive Flow Switches for small water flow

Electornic Sensitive Flow Switch

GE-327 Thermal Flow Switch is CE certificate, No moving parts, no main...

4th kind of alarm: start the flow alarm, specify a small appropriate flow, when the flow in the pipeline is greater than this value, start the equipment, and turn off the protection equipment when the flow is less than this value. This small appropriate flow value is called start flow, which is guaranteed for the system. When flow begins, perform an operation. In addition, in the civil equipment, for example, the water-saving and electricity saving flow switch is a water-saving and power-saving working mode. For example, the flow switch for the purpose of personal safety, that is, water supply then power supply, water stop and power turn off.

Explosion Proof Flow Switches

EX Thermal Flow Switches ATEX

GE-325 series Thermal Flow Sensor is designed as Explosion Proof type,...

Only four common working conditions are listed above, and there are some special flow switches, such as: no water alarm (not non-flow), drip flow alarm, etc. We must make the selected flow switch adapt to the user's operating conditions when selecting the flow switch. We must not blindly use a flow switch and think that as long as it can be adjusted.



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