Function and Installation Method of water flow switch in water system

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Proper water flow detection methods and detection components are to ensure that the machine works only when the system water flow is greater than the allowable minimum water flow, so as to avoid the failure of the air conditioner host; special attention should be paid to that the conditioner, the target type flow switch needs to be replaced after 2 years of use.

The flow switch can be installed in the horizontal pipeline or vertical pipeline with upward liquid flow direction, but it cannot be installed in the pipeline with downward liquid flow. When installed in the pipeline with liquid flow direction, gravity effect shall be considered. It should be pointed out that it is generally not allowed to install on the vertical pipe section.
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The flow switch must be installed on a section of straight pipeline, with at least 5 times of straight-line stroke of pipe diameter on both sides. At the same time, it must be noted that the direction of liquid flow in the pipeline must be consistent with the direction of arrow on the controller. The wiring terminal shall be in the position easy to connect.

1.To avoid electric shock and damage to equipment, cut off the power supply when wiring or commissioning.

2.When wiring, it is absolutely forbidden to adjust other screws except the microswitch terminal and grounding screw. It should be noted that the micro switch should not be wired with excessive force, otherwise the position of the micro switch itself will be displaced, resulting in the failure of the flow controller.

3.The special grounding screw must be used for grounding, and the installation screw cannot be removed at will, otherwise the controller will be deformed and invalid.

4.The controller has been set to the minimum flow value before leaving the factory, and shall not be adjusted lower than the factory setting value, otherwise the switch may fail. After installation, please check by pressing the lever of the flow controller several times. Once it is found that there is no "click" when the lever recovers, turn the adjusting screw clockwise until there is a "click" sound when the lever recovers.

5.The target of the controller shall not contact with the inner wall of the pipeline and other throttles in the pipeline, otherwise, the controller may not be reset normally.

6.Observe three working cycles to make sure that the controller and the system operate normally, and cover the controller shell in time.

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The selection of water flow switch mainly depends on the length of target plate, which is generally 2 / 3 of the diameter of water pipe.

The water flow switch is not a water valve. Its function is to prevent that the water flowing through the machine is less than the minimum flow value required by the machine, so as to protect the air conditioner from low temperature and low pressure and freeze the evaporator. Some cooling water circuits are also equipped with water flow switches to prevent the flow of cooling water side of the condenser from reducing, resulting in high-pressure protection of the unit. At the same time, it also protects the chilled water pump.

Working principle of water flow switch: it senses the change of water flow in the pipeline through the target paddle, and then drives the control circuit to control the machine in a interlocking way to avoid the above protection. Its principle is actually the lever principle. At present, there are two main types: lever adjustment and magnetic induction adjustment.

The water flow switch generally has three contacts, normally open and normally closed. Normally, it is connected with normally closed contact. When there is water flow, the contact is closed. During commissioning, the commissioning personnel will set the contact disconnection point exactly at the minimum flow required by the unit. When it is less than the set value, stop the main chiller, refrigeration and water pump.
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During installation, attention shall be paid to the installation in the most stable section of pipeline water flow, avoiding vertical installation, and the direction of water flow switch shall be consistent with the flow direction of pipeline



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