Application of Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Temperature and humidity transmitter is widely used in many fields, especially in real-time recording of temperature and humidity changes. The application of temperature and humidity transmitter is introduced from the following nine aspects:

Ventilation Duct Humidity Temperature Sensor

Duct Ventilation Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-372 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for environm..

1. Application in IT industry
IT industry, means Information Technology, it is a surging industry, a fastest-growing industry, an industry that has created countless myths, an industry with the most testing standards. If household appliances need to do temperature rise detection, then IT industry must also need. Because who can guarantee that a computer that works for more than 10 hours will not cause safety problems due to heat? In addition, in the process of plate making and welding pin, a temperature monitoring is also needed. As we all know, too high CPU temperature will lead to computer crash, so if the temperature is too high during the processing, will it cause processor failure? This is no doubt, so whether it is plate making or finished machine needs to be tested for temperature rise.

2. Application in vaccine cold chain
In the process of delivery of biological products such as vaccines from the finished product warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory to the cold chain storage and transportation of vaccination for the relevant population, the quality of the biological products can be confirmed and the effect of vaccination can be guaranteed by monitoring and recording the ambient temperature. The temperature and humidity transmitter solves this problem conveniently and reliably.

Different vaccines have different requirements for storage and transportation environment temperature. In order to ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines in the storage and transportation process, the environmental temperature in the storage and transportation process must be tested and recorded in the whole process, and it should be fully automatic test record, without any human factors, so as to improve the reliability of data. High quality and high precision temperature and humidity transmitter can complete this function perfectly, because it can record for a long time without external power supply.

3. Application in home appliance industry
In fact, this industry has a direct relationship with the inspection or certification industry. There is an old saying that If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If household electrical appliances are to be sent to the Inspection Bureau for inspection, what method can be used to make the samples sent by ourselves pass the inspection at one time? This can effectively save the cost and time of the inspection. The best way is to do it according to the standards of the Inspection Bureau. One is to use the inspection standards of the Inspection Bureau, and the other is to use the instruments used by the Inspection Bureau.

4. Application in testing and certification industry
If home electric products want to circulate in the market, they must pass CE certification. Therefore, each inspection bureau or certification center must test according to the national standards, temperature rise test is one of the more important ones.

"In addition to the winding insulation temperature rise, the temperature rise of other electrical insulation is determined on the surface of its insulator, and its position is the position that may cause the following faults: 1. Short circuit; 2. Contact between live parts and accessible metal parts; 3. Jumper insulation; 4. The creepage distance or electrical clearance is reduced below the specified value; "

The temperature and humidity transmitter can record the change of temperature humidity for a long time, which can provide a reference for whether the mechanical and electrical products are abnormal in operation. For example, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, Juicers, microwave ovens, etc. (of course, they all have their own standards), all need to be tested by safety regulations (temperature rise detection is a part of the safety regulations). Generally speaking, most of the electrical appliances that will generate heat when electrified may be subject to safety test, that is to say, most of the enterprises that have electromechanical laboratories or related laboratories may use temperature and humidity transmitters.

5. Application in building materials experiment
In the drying process of building materials, especially concrete, we should pay attention to its drying trend, which is one of the indexes for evaluating products, and also provides reliable data for construction parties. The application of temperature and humidity transmitter can record this data and provide it to building materials research party, which will provide useful help for construction. Especially in military buildings, time is life. To accurately grasp the drying time of concrete is the first step to the enemy, which guarantees the effective supply of living forces to the battlefield. This function can be completed by temperature and humidity transmitters.
Room type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

GE-373 Room type Humidity Temperature Transmitter

wall-mount room type temperature and humidity transmitters are designe...

6. Application in agriculture and animal husbandry

In the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, especially in the production of some cash crops, the temperature and humidity values should be recorded in detail at the seedling stage. For example, it is necessary to determine the relationship between the growth characteristics of some seedlings and the temperature and humidity. Of course, not every kind of seedling needs temperature monitoring.

When growing crops in a greenhouse, Both Temperature and Humidity are 2 of the most important factors to consider If it becomes too dry or too cold inside of a greenhouse, many of its crops will simply die, leaving the grower with lots of sunk costs. With transmitters that wirelessly notify workers if their greenhouse is above or below the required temperature and humidity levels, running an agricultural operation becomes much less stressful, and far more successful.

7. Application in building acceptance check
Mainly reflected in the acceptance of intelligent buildings. As there are many acceptance projects in the construction industry, in addition to the HVAC indicators, other construction departments, such as the radiation intensity, formaldehyde concentration and other indicators of human health, also need to be monitored, which are directly related to human health. If these indicators are not clear, the tester enters these places and records them for a long time, which is irresponsible for the personal health of the tester, and the application of the recorder will ensure the maximum protection of the tester's personal safety while obtaining reliable data. Of course, the above-mentioned measurements should be converted into voltage measurements during the measurement Quantity.

8. Application in food storage and transportation
Because the time of food storage and transportation is not a short-term problem, the relative balance humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety. The relative balance humidity directly affects the growth of colony. The equilibrium relative humidity of hygroscopic substances plays a decisive role. Equilibrium relative humidity is defined as the humidity value obtained from the surrounding air when the substance and water in the air are not exchanged. This definition is very clear. In order to store and maintain these products successfully, environmental climate control and packaging must be specified carefully. At the same time, the taste of many foods will deteriorate when they are kept too dry. In view of this situation, it is required to record the change of temperature and humidity in real time to ensure the food safety to enter the consumer's mouth.
When long-distance transportation or sea transportation of frozen and refrigerated food, it is very important to prove that the goods have been in the specified temperature and humidity conditions at the time of receiving. The way to solve the dispute is to put a temperature sensor in the cargo hold and start it at the time of delivery. It will faithfully record the temperature and humidity changes during the whole transportation process, and the carrier will immediately know whether it is responsible.

9. Application in Museum Cultural Relics and archives management
This is another field of temperature and humidity transmitter application. The paper of archives can be stored for more time when the temperature and humidity are suitable. Once the temperature and humidity conditions are damaged, the paper will become brittle, and the important data will disappear. It is necessary to record the temperature and humidity of archives, which can prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. The use of temperature and humidity transmitter will simplify the work of temperature and humidity recording, save the cost of cultural relics storage, make this work scientific and not be interfered by too many human factors.



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