The Differences between Pressure switch and Differential Pressure Switch

We could say that Differential Pressure switch is a kind of Pressure Switch, but we can’t speak as that pressure switch is a kind of Differential Pressure Switches. Then what is the difference between Pressure Switch and Differential Pressure Switches?

Differential Pressure Switches

A.YITE Brand 101NN type Dfferential Pressure Switches

1. The structure is different:

(1) The pressure switch adopts the pressure sensor and transmission circuit with high stability and precision, and then through the special CPU modular signal processing technology, it realizes the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of the medium pressure signal.

(2) The differential pressure switch is composed of two pressure elements with high sensitivity. If they are changed by pressure, the switch mechanism will act to control the equipment such as motor-driven valve. The switch mechanism provides SPDT “non fast acting (floating) action”, so the common movable contact will contact one of the two fixed contacts, or stay between them (no contact).

Structure of Differential Pressure Switches

[ The structure of Differential Pressure Switches]

2. Working principle is different:

(1) When the pressure in the system is higher than or lower than the rated safety pressure, the inner membrane of the sensor moves instantaneously, and the switch connector is pushed on or off by connecting the guide rod. When the pressure drops to or rises to the rated recovery value, the diaphragm resets instantaneously, and the switch resets automatically, or simply when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element displaces directly Or push the switch element after comparison, change the on-off state of the switch element, and achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure.

Differential Pressure Flow Switches for variable flow primary pumping system

Differential Pressure Switches to detect the water flow of pump

(2) The differential pressure switch consists of two capsule chambers, two sealed diaphragms and one differential pressure film. High pressure and low pressure respectively enter the high pressure chamber and low pressure chamber of the differential pressure switch. The felt of differential pressure makes the pressure sensing film deform. Through the mechanical structure such as handrail spring, the top microswitch is finally started to output the electrical signal.

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