Cause of Failure for Differential Pressure Switch

Differential pressure switch is a indispensable element in the tens of thousands of kinds of equipment ranging from refrigeration systems to water filter. The differential pressure switch will convert pressure to electrical signals, then transmitted to the PLC( programmable logic controller), recorder or digital instrument, equipment and so on, to analyze signals and use of it, according to the record or modify the equipment of pressure.

Although most electronic differential pressure switches are rugged, solid-state devices, they do have a limited life span and are vulnerable to damage from a variety of sources.

Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

differential pressure switch adopts diffusion silicon sensor, 2 set point, 2 SPDT  switch, adjustable. pre...

Cause of differential pressure switch failure

Incorrect Application
Given the variety of differential pressure switches available today, it is not surprising that one of the most common causes of failure of electronic pressure sensors is improper application. Misuse means using the wrong type of differential pressure sensor for an inappropriate application. Some common misapplications include using differential pressure switches that are incompatible with the system media.
Vibration or shock
Vibrations actually break the device apart, and the shocks or impacts to the device only makes the problem worse over time. Electronic differential pressure switches are specially designed for shock and vibration resistance. Each of these rugged electronic differential pressure switches is subjected to 20 mechanical tests at the factory before it is shipped.

Over-pressure and Pressure Spikes
Any type of differential pressure switch used in a device, if it works above its recommended pressure range, it will be at risk of bursting and may have a shortened service life. Instantaneous pressure spikes are also common in some applications, where the pressure can be very high at the moment the pump is turned on, possibly more than twice the normal operating pressure, damaging the differential pressure switch. As a result of these applications, all A.YITE’S branded electronic differential pressure switches have been thoroughly tested, including impact resistance and case stability.

Too hot or Too cold
Electronic equipment is designed to operate within a specified temperature range. Prolonged use above or below specification may result in early failure. Repeated expansions and contractions in the temperature cycle degrade the gasket and even the transmitter housing, which can lead to cracks and leak paths. Any experienced hydropower engineer should know the importance of using differential pressure switches to cope with extreme temperatures.

Inlet water for electrical components
Everyone knows to avoid water in electronic devices, but accidental contact with water is almost inevitable in many applications. Most importantly, all electronic differential pressure switches should be completely sealed. As part of our quality control process, we conducted more than 50 environmental tests, and all A.YITE’S brand differential pressure switches were thoroughly waterproof tested.

Differential Pressure Switches

A.YITE Brand 101NN type Dfferential Pressure Switches

Electrical interference
Although electronic devices may encounter electronic interference problems due to the proliferation of electronic interference sources, most electronic devices today have good shielding performance. However, when the shielding layer is lowered, electromagnetic or rf interference can cause problems with the differential pressure switch, such as unstable or inaccurate signals. A.YITE’S electronic differential pressure switches undergo 10 separate electrical tests, including overvoltage resistance and load drop.

Chemical Damage (Corrosion)

Whether from caustic process media or from fertilizers and pesticides sprayed from agricultural machinery, differential pressure switches are almost inevitably exposed to corrosive chemicals, which eventually shorten the life of the equipment. A simple solution to this problem is to ensure that the pressure sensor of your choice is made of a material compatible with the chemicals it comes in contact with.

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