Difference between Transmitter and Sensor

1.The transmitter is equivalent to a signal amplifier. The AC220V transmitter provides the sensor with DC10V bridge voltage, then receives the feedback signal, amplifies and outputs a 0V ~ 10V voltage or current signal. There are also small transmitters of DC24V, which are almost the same size as sensors, and sometimes they are installed together. Generally speaking, the transmitter supplies power to the sensor and amplifies the signal. The sensor only collects signals, for example, the strain gauge changes the displacement signal into the resistance signal. Of course, there are sensors without power supply, such as thermocouples, piezoelectric ceramics, which are usually used without power.
Digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

GE-923 Digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter with LCD screen

This GE-923 Digital Air Differential Pressure transmitter Sensor is produced  for ventilation system..

2.We have used different types of pressure sensor, but the transmitter has been always same. The pressure sensor detects the pressure signal, generally referring to the primary meter. The pressure transmitter combines the primary meter and the secondary meter, and converts the detected signal into the standard 4-20, 0-20 Ma or 0-5V, 0-10V signal. You can understand it vividly as follows: the sensor transmits the pressure signal To "feel", the transmitter not only feels, but also "becomes" the standard signal and "sends" it out.

LED Screen Pressure Transmitter

GE-204 LED Screen Pressure Transmitter

GE-204 Visual Pressure Transmitter is one special pressure transmitter...

Pressure sensor generally refers to the sensitive element that converts the changing pressure signal into the corresponding changing resistance signal or capacitance signal, such as piezoresistive element, piezocapacitance element, etc. The pressure transmitter generally refers to a complete circuit unit composed of pressure-sensitive elements and conditioning circuits, which can directly output the standard voltage signal or current signal with linear relationship with the pressure, for direct acquisition by instruments, PLC, acquisition card and other equipment.



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