Working Principle Diagram of Differential Pressure Switch

The differential pressure switch consists of two capsule chambers, two sealed diaphragms and one differential pressure film. High pressure and low pressure respectively enter the high pressure chamber and low pressure chamber of the differential pressure switch. The felt differential pressure makes the pressure sensing film deform. Through the mechanical structure such as handrail spring, the top microswitch is finally started to output the electrical signal.

Principle Diagram of Differential Pressure Switch

Recommended Differential Pressure Switches:

Mechanical Differential Pressure Switches

A.YITE Brand 101NN type Mechanical Dfferential Pressure Switches
Higher static Pressure, Large adjustable range

Differential Pressure Flow Switches for variable flow primary pumping system

GE-511A Differential Pressure Switches to detect the water flow of pump

Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches

No need Calibrate, Easy adjust by pressing the button, easy installation, 2 set point, 2 SPDT  switch, adjustable. Made by A.YITE TECH, GE-209 series

auto backwash filter

The GE-511 Differential Pressure Switches in the automatic Backwash Filter system



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