How To Install PVC Inline Flow Switches GE-313AD series?

1. Brief Introduction:

GE-313AD series flow switch for PVC pipe have two wire, paddle style with synthetic composited PTFE plastic construction. The design uses a magnetic force to reset the paddle, so spring fatigue is eliminated. the max pressure is 10bar, the PVC pipe could be 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 90mm
ANSI type PVC:26.67mm 33.4mm 42.16mm  48.26mm  60.32mm  73.02mm  .

installation of PVC Flow Switch

2. Pipe Connection

2.1 The PVC connection should be glued by exclusive PVC glue, max pressure of pipe could not be more than 10bar

2.2 if the water flow is too fast, more than 1.5m/s. the paddle have to be shortened. if pipe is less than 32mm, the paddle should approach the middle of the pipe; if pipe size is more than 32mm, the length of paddle should be less than 1/4" pipe diameter.

2.3 This PVC Flow Switch should be installed at the top of a horizontal pipe, it could work for vertical pipe too, if the pipe size is less than 50mm.

3. Wire Connection

3.1 The standard signal of PVC flow switch is Normal Open, if need Normal Close, please declared when ordering it.

3.2 the GE-313 adopt a a single-contact reed switch designed for high breakdown voltage of 600 VDC and high power of AC 70 VA and DC 50 W. The contacts are sealed within the glass tube with inert gas to maintain contact reliability.

The advantage of the GE-313, it don’t need any power supply to use this flow switches, it can be used with no voltage, and it close via PLC,the recommended voltage is 5V - 36 DC..

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