How to Install Oil Piston Flow Switch GE-342 FW1-015GM006

Applicable Type Number:

GE-342 series DN8 DN10 DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40
FW1 Series: FW1-008GM006,FW1-010GM006, FW1-015GM006 FW1-015GP006 FW1-020GP011 FW1-020GM011 FW1-025GP011 FW1-025GM011

Brief Introduction:

Adjustable Piston flow switch could work for liquid, Oil, or gaseous media, with spring-supported piston and magnetic triggering of a reed switch. the shell could be stainless steel 304 or 316L. The max pressure could be 100bar or 200bar.

wire connection of oil flow switch

Wire Connection for Oil Piston Flow Switch:

1. This flow switch have 2 wire, standard signal is NO Normal Open, when oil flow, the switch close; if no flow or very small flow, the switch will change to open. NC normal close could be customized too.

2. Max voltage is 230V AC, recommended voltage is 12V or 24V DC

3. Max current is 0.1A

The Adjust for the oil flow setpoint

Loosen the fixed screw of the plastic slider, if add the value of flow setpoint, move towards the direction of oil flow; if want to decrease the value of flow action point, move towards the opposite direction of oil flow

installation of oil flow switch

The Connection with Oil Pipeline

1. Before the connection, push the piston by several times with a screwdriver, preventing the sized-up of piston

2. Use PTFE seal tape for the thread connection, to avoid the linkage of oil.

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